Boom Voyage

Boom Voyage 2.5

Boom Voyage is a arcade adventure all around the world and time game
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Boom Voyage is an arcade game developed by KraiSoft Entertainment and published by WildTanget. It is an arcade journey around the world and time, which promises to be unforgettable. This application takes place in many different ancient cultures around the world such as Egypt, Maya, Medieval Age, Wild West, Asian, and Greek or Antiquity. The purpose of this game is to destroy these cultures in the least possible amount of time. In order to achieve this mission, you will have a bouncing ball and a paddle to blast away all blocks and elements such as water, rocks, grass, statues, and trunks, among others. You can move the paddle and kick the ball, by using your mouse, keyboard or joystick. There is going to be an alien attack, so make sure you catch him, otherwise all your work will be a waste, since you will not be able to continue without taking him. Once the game field is all clear and clean you will be able to move on to the next level.

There are six main levels that are represented by each culture, and each one has six levels within, you must solve them all first, so you can pass on to the next culture or civilization. This program provides you with tools such as paddle increase, bigger ball, slow balls down, triplicate ball, barriers, magnets, extra lives, thunderbolt, and others, which will help you get to your task faster and safer.

It can also help with weapons such as machine guns, saw blades, fireballs, cannons, missiles, and other that allow you to fight while the ball is bouncing away from you.

This game has a nice looking interface and good sound quality. It is a good game option for people all ages, and those who enjoy arcade games. It is interesting and very addictive.

Operating System requirements:
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista

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  • Good Sound and Video Quality
  • Nice Looking Interface
  • Addictive


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